How to Build a Successful Boutique Website on WordPress

How to Build a Boutique Website with WordPress |

Starting a business is hard. There’s so much planning that goes into starting a successful boutique – or any kind of new brand or business. You have to go through all the legal hoops, write a business plan, make a plan for the products you want to carry, and so much more. On top of all that, you have to build a stellar brand and website. You can always outsource that part of your business to someone else. But if you want to do it yourself, here are some tools you need to be aware of if you’re going to build your boutique website with WordPress.

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Stunning Themes for Your Boutique Website

Hello You Designs

My favorite two themes for a boutique on Hello You Designs, are Hello Gorgeous, and Hello Sweets. These two themes are e-commerce ready and will showcase your products beautifully. 

Restored 316 Designs

My favorite two themes from Restored 316 are their Refined theme and Divine Theme. With both of these themes you can set up a header with everything you need to direct your customers in the right direction and promote your social media accounts.. 


Bluchic has gorgeous feminine themes. Now, not all of their themes are e-commerce compatible, so when you look at their themes you’ll need to look at each theme. Their Tiffany and Samantha themes are e-commerce compatible and perfect for your boutique website.

Station 7

Station 7 has beautiful minimalist themes. So if your boutique is more minimalist than feminine, I definitely reccomend a theme from Station 7. I use the Analogue theme for my website and love it. Monstera is my second favorite Station 7 theme. 

Plugins for Your Boutique Website

Above are my favorite themes for a boutique website, but you’ll also need a couple additional plugins to get the e-commerce functionality and really enhance your site.


First, you’ll need the woocommerce plugin. This is essential to your boutique website. You won’t be able to add or sell products without this plugin. The plugin can stand alone, but you can also use other plugins to expand the functionality.

Themify Product Filter

This is a plugin that will expand the functionality that woocommerce offers. This plugin will allow your customers to filter your products to only see certain things. So if you have a customer searching for a red top under $40, they can filter through your products and see if you have one or not.

Popup Maker

You can use this plugin to create popups on your site. You can design your own popups – which is what I like the most. You can have popups that trigger when a customer clicks a link, or popups that popup as soon as a customer gets onto your website or have it timer delayed. If you purchase the pro version you’ll be able to do other things with it, like have it popup before a customer tries to leave your website, that way you can invite them to have a discount, and they might be more interested in sticking around.


Yoast is an essential plugin for SEO. Yoast can help you make sure your pages are optimized for search engines and give you a view of your overall site SEO. With Yoast, you can setup Rich Pins, which you’ll want to help your business gain traction on Pinterest. Lastly, Yoast can setup your XML sitemap, which just means google knows more about what you have on your site. As a boutique owner, you definitely want your site to be search engine optimized.

Monster Insights

Monster insights integrates with google analytics and gives you a dashboard to see your site analytics. You can see your site views and who your audience is. Using your analytics will help you improve your website and create a better site experience for your customers. 



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