My Web Design Process From Start to Finish

My Web Design Process from Start to Finish

This post is primarily for my clients who want to learn more about my web design process before working with me, but I’m sure there are many of you who might find this valuable as well. If you want to peek inside my process from start to finish, keep reading!

This post outlines my process for my most inclusive branding package and most inclusive web design package. That being said, all of my packages are customizable.  I definitely recommend this combo for starting businesses and businesses who need a new face and fresh redesign. The full process usually takes about 2 weeks, which is a pretty fast turnaround time in the design and development world.

You can see a full list of my packages here.

Getting the Project and Onboarding

Like I said, this is my process from start to finish, so I’m going to start with getting the project. First, a potential client will express interest in the services I offer. Occasionally I get someone who will book immediately, but most of the time I get a message with a few questions. After a few messages back and forth the potential client will decide if she wants to work with me.

Once a client decides to work with me and we set a date, I send a few emails her way. Here are the emails that I send:

  1. Welcome Packet – I send each client a personalized welcome packet stating some details about the project, how to reach me, some guidelines, policies, and expectations, and any additional information I need my client to have (like how to access the exclusive client training library).
  2. Contract – I send my contracts via Hello Sign so clients can sign electronically. Easy!
  3. Invoice – The client must pay the invoice 7 days prior to the project start date. The initial invoice is 50% of the project cost.
  4.  Invite to Asana – Lastly, I send my client an invite to the Asana board for the project. Once the project beings, all conversations happen within Asana. It makes it really easy to keep all communication in one place and to see who needs to do what and by when.

First Homework Assignments

The first to do item in my clients Asana board (besides sign the contract and pay the invoice) is fill out your questionnaire. The questionnaire helps me better understand what my client is looking for so that I can design something she will absolutely love. After the client finishes the questionnaire, she is invited to schedule a call with me.

When the time for the scheduled call arrives, I call my client and we chat a little bit. In the call, we can both ask each other more questions. I usually ask my client a few clarifying questions about her answers to the survey and let her know what to expect as the project goes in. The call is usually pretty short, ranging from 15-25 minutes.

Branding + Logo Design


Once I’ve talked to my client and read through her questionnaire I begin designing the initial brand board. This brand board consists of colors, fonts, patterns, brand elements, and inspiration photos. My client gets two rounds of revisions of their brand board.

One thing I like to clarify here is that 2 rounds of revisions does not just mean 2 changes. When I show my client the first brand board, she can give me a list as long as she wants of things she wants to be changed. Then, I go back to the board and make changes accordingly. Even if my client gave me 50 things to change, it was only one revision round.

Logo Design

The next step in my process is the logo design. I like to do the brand board before the logo because I think it’s important to understand the look and feel of the brand before a logo is created. The logo should be created to enhance the brand, not the other way around. After I create the logo I design two secondary logos. These are secondary logos that can be used for different situations. Once I have the secondary logos, the logo revision rounds begin. The client gets 3 revision rounds of all three logos (the main and two secondary logos).

Branding Extras

After the logos are designed and good to go I design two stationery items. The most common items chosen are business cards, letterhead, thank you cards, and clothing tags. Stationery gets two revision rounds.

At this time, I also build my clients social media kit. The social media kit consists of cover photos for facebook and twitter (if the brand has those two accounts), and 3 templates for blog graphics and 5 for Instagram. I design these templates on either Canva or Photoshop, depending which one my client prefers. The cover photos get 1 round of revisions.

Website Design

Once all the branding is complete we begin working on the website. But first, we plan just a little more. I start off the website building a homepage mockup, which is basically just an image I create in photoshop. This helps us create the layout before working in the actual website when things are harder and take more time to change. The homepage mockup gets 2 rounds of revisions.

Next, we choose a theme. I can usually recommend one that will fit your needs, budget, and work with the design choices we made. I come from a coding background so I almost always make tweaks to themes, but it’s best to start with something as close to what we need as possible.

From there, I get into the website and design it. I’ll design the website as close to the mockup as possible and create all the other pages my client needs (or at least the ones included in the package). I add plugins or apps to enhance the site’s functionality and setup Google Analytics and check the sites SEO. After that, the full website gets three revisions.

Finishing Up

Lastly, I send my client her final invoice. This invoice is the remaining 50% of the project + any extra fee’s that were accrued along the way. Extra fees are things like premium themes, plugins, apps, and stock photos that I had to purchase on my client’s behalf. Keep in mind, I never purchase things for my clients without their written consent.

After my client pays her invoice, I transfer all the files over to her and the project is complete.

If you’re interested in booking a project with me you can see some of the work of I’ve done in my portfolio, or just reach out to me to talk more about your future project. If you’d like to view my package, visit this link here. I’m looking forward to working with you!

As always, if you have any questions or anything to say at all, ask them below in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!